Trainers Upset By Late Nominations Ruling

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As many as a dozen late additions are expected for the the next meeting after a controversial decision to re-open nominations.

Christmas and Boxing Day public holidays fall in the middle of the week which means nominations for Saturday's meeting closed on Friday.

Several interstate trainers missed the deadline believing nominations would close on Monday as usual.

After complaints from interstate trainers, extended nominations until Monday.

The decision has angered some local trainers who say it was most unusual to re-open nominations for all races.

They say it is pandering to interstate trainers and there were already plenty of nominations.

The secretary of the Australian Trainers' Association, Cameron Partington, said RQ was in a no-win situation no matter what it did.

“RQ has done the right thing by widely publicising a change in nomination and acceptance dates but sometimes it does not reach interstate trainers. But it is part of being a professional trainer to check nomination deadlines especially in holiday times,” Partington said.

“Our trainers say they have done the right thing so why should southern trainers get an especially as those in the south can now see what horses are already in the offing.

“We just ask that there be consistency with all rules and regulations.

“The next thing will be when southern trainers realise under our rules late nominations go to the tail for the ballot.”

An RQ said the decision was made in the best interest of all members of the Queensland industry.

He said it was a matter of trying to be fair not giving an advantage to interstate trainers.

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