Whiteley Suspended For Abusing Stewards

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Chris Whiteley

has been suspended for a month for his behaviour in a stewards hearing.

A resumed heard Whiteley was before a stewards hearing into a minor whip infringement at the meeting on February 9.

After considering evidence from Whiteley and written statements from the stewards, Whiteley subsequently pleaded guilty to engaging in improper or insulting behaviour towards stewards.

He was found to have used several profanities towards the stewards who were officiating at the meeting.

Stewards considered relevant precedents and the need for a penalty to serve as a specific and a general deterrent.

The panel also acknowledged Whiteley's forthright evidence and that he was remorseful about the incident.

Whiteley was banned from riding in races for four weeks, with two weeks of the penalty suspended for a period of two years provided there was no breach of a similar rule in that time.

The began on Sunday and will expire at midnight March 7.

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