Allan Reardon To Inspect Ipswich Track

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's official track walker Allan Reardon will inspect the track before racing goes ahead after the last meeting was controversially called off.

For the third time in five months an Ipswich meeting had to be abandoned on Friday because of the track condition despite there being little or no rain.

The meeting was called off 30 minutes before the first race.

Ipswich is the only track which has refused an offer to use the skills of former chief steward Reardon.

Racing Queensland chied executive said Reardon would be inspecting the track in the future.

“Reardon is there to help clubs. It appears had he looked at the Ipswich track early on Friday the meeting would have been called off then,” Parnell said.

“It is not a good look for and embarrassing.”

Parnell said there were problems with the irrigation system at Ipswich which would have to be addressed.

The decision to postpone the meeting was made following concerns by stewards and a delegation of senior riders that a section of the track approaching the home turn was unsuitable for racing.

The rescheduled meeting on Monday will comprise the same fields as Friday and scratchings will be reinstated.

Parnell said there were no concerns about the meeting going ahead despite delays with an upgrade of facilities.

Workers have found asbestos in some of the buildings being refurbished meaning is needed.

Ipswich is undergoing a major face lift but work is unlikely to be finished until next year.

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