Viddora Recovering From Lameness

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Trainer is feeling more confident will make it to the starting gates of the Chairman's Sprint Prize in after showing signs of recovery from lameness.

Viddora is being closely monitored ahead of Sunday's big race at after she was found to be lame in a hind leg.

She cantered on the all- track on Thursday morning with her pleased with her action.

“I'm a lot happier than what I was yesterday,” Kennewell told the HK Jockey Club.

“She hurt her leg – she was either kicked or got cast – so we've been working overtime on her to try and get her through it.

“We're a bit restricted with what we can and can't do, so yesterday we were probably licking our wounds thinking we're weren't too confident of getting there.

“We're not miracle makers but we're a lot happier in the position we're in this morning.

“It's been a massive turnaround overnight. We're doing everything we can to try and reduce swelling, but Joe Bowditch said she feels exactly how she always feels.

“So he's happy and I'm more comfortable today to say that she's making progress in the right direction, which is what matters.”

Australia's other representative in the race, , also worked on the all-weather track.

“He's travelled over here really well,” assistant trainer said.

“He seems to have taken it all in his stride. He didn't lose too much weight on the flight.

“He's travelled a lot. He's been to four different states in Australia and he's won a Group One in most of them, so he's a well-travelled horse and it certainly helps when you're looking to bring a horse overseas that you know he can handle the plane trip.”

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