Trainer Ben Currie Has Racing Ban Reduced

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trainer has had his disqualification on racing convictions further reduced while his criminal fraud charges have been adjourned.

Last week after an internal review Currie had a cumulative 7-1/2 year disqualification reduced to seven years after six months was taken off his two year sentence for 12 breaches of racing rules.

A further internal review of another five charges was released on Monday.

The preliminary release said an internal review of the three-year sentence on five prohibited substance charges covering a period from December 2017 to February this year would be reduced to two years and three months.

The internal review also slashed a $45,000 fine on those charges to $10,000.

He is also serving a cumulative two-and-a-half years on charges involving text messages which allegedly indicated the use of a .

It means Currie is currently disqualified for six years and three months and a has fine of $10,000.

He faces a further 21 charges but they have been adjourned until after his criminal charge is resolved.

Currie will return to court in September on a criminal fraud charge after a short court appearance on Monday.

He has not entered a plea on the charge and at his next court appearance it is expected a date will be set for a committal hearing.

It is understood the committal will not be until late this year or early next year.

Last month, police charged Currie with aggravated fraud alleging the trainer took part in systematic behaviour between November 2016 and March this year.

The charges allege he circumvented current drug testing methods by accessing unregulated supplements designed to enhance a horse's performance.

Currie was bailed to appear for mention in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Monday when the matter was adjourned until September 16 to allow defence lawyers to get a full brief of the police case.

Currie has not had a runner since May 2 but still leads the state's training premiership with 134 winners for the season.

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