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* A jigger is also known as a battery, harp or jack.

* Usually a small electrical device used in conjunction with a whip to try to stimulate a horse to run .

* Used in trackwork, then on race day, an action is simulated so the animal believes its about to be shocked again.

* May be used in conjunction with a gear change such as blinkers. The blinkers are used in trackwork in unison with a whip and an electrical device, come race time animal believes it will be be shocked again when struck with whip.

* It is against the rules of racing for trainers, jockeys and stable staff to be in possession of such electrical devices.

* Trainer faces three charges of possession of an electronic apparatus capable of affecting the performance of a horse and one charge.

* In 2007, Victorian trainer (four years) and Holly McKechnie (three years) were banned for using an electrical device on a horse during trackwork.

* Track rider Damien Bradbury was disqualified in 2015 for 18 months after pleading guilty to possessing an electrical device at .

* trainer Shane Kember banned in March 2014 (15 months) for possession of an unapproved wire whip covered in electrical tape.

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