Racing Victoria clamps down on dodgey bookmakers

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RosehillIN a move to crack down on dubious betting practices, Racing has implemented guidelines preventing persons within the industry from wagering with unapproved bookmakers.

The new law, dubbed LR66AA, forbids all licensed racing personnel in Victoria from placing bets with any wagering operator outside of the 244 online betting services and independent turf accountants approved by RV.

The rule applies to RV officials and racehorse owners as well as trainers, stable workers, bookies, farriers and all other registered staff within Victorian racing.

These guidelines, which will take effect from , September 1, 2015, have been introduced to combat concerns over industry personnel gambling with offshore betting exchanges – particularly those based in Asia.

Approved online bookmakers such as CrownBet, Sportsbet, Bet365, William Hill and Luxbet are all bound to an information-sharing agreement with , which ensures that any illicit betting activity is policed and reported.

Unauthorised betting operators abide by no such practices, while the leakage of business to offshore bookies such as Citibet (Asia), PuntingPal () and Pinnaclebet (Norfolk Island) is also draining revenue away from the Australian racing industry.

“Non-approved wagering operators pay no returns to the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry for the use of our product, nor are they complying with our integrity requirements as approved wagering operators are obliged to do through information sharing and compliance,” said , the RV Executive General Manager – Integrity.

“Furthermore, the level of complaints that Racing Victoria and other law authorities have received over recent months regarding non-approved wagering operators, particularly those based offshore, failing to pay punters monies owed has increased to a concerning level.

“This new rule restricts industry participants from betting with non-approved wagering operators that are undermining the integrity and funding of the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry. The restrictions also minimise the risk of industry participants doing their money cold with non-approved operators.

“Those bound by the Rules of Racing who seek to bet with non-approved wagering operators on Victorian thoroughbred racing after 1 September will risk a fine and/or for their actions.”

The new guidelines are described below, while the full list of RV-approved betting operators and on-course bookmakers can be found here.

LR 66AA: Prohibition on betting with Non-Approved Wagering Service Providers

(1) A person bound by these Rules must not:

(a) place a bet (including any lay bet) on Victorian thoroughbred racing with a Non-Approved Wagering Service Provider; or

(b) have a bet (including any lay bet) placed on his or her behalf, or otherwise have an interest in a bet placed, on Victorian thoroughbred racing with a Non-Approved Wagering Service Provider.

(2) Where the Stewards reasonably suspect that a person bound by these Rules has, or may have, placed a bet on Victorian thoroughbred racing with a Non-Approved Wagering Service Provider:

(a) the Stewards may the person to produce, and the person must produce, all relevant documents and devices, including but not limited to, the person's computer, mobile telephone, and betting records; and

(b) the Stewards may direct the person to provide, and the person must provide, the Stewards with access to the account (or accounts) with the Non-Approved Wagering Service Provider used by or on behalf of the person, including any username, or other security information.

(3) For the purpose of this Rule, Non-Approved Wagering Service Provider:

(a) means a wagering service provider, as defined in section 1.3 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (Vic) (GR Act)) which did not hold, at the time the relevant bet or bets were placed, approval from Racing Victoria to publish, use or otherwise make available in the course of business, in Victoria or elsewhere, a race field (as defined in section 1.3 of the GR Act) in accordance with section 4.2.3C of the GR Act.

(b) does not include the wagering and betting licensee or the wagering and betting operator (as defined by the GR Act); or

(c) does not include a bookmaker licensed by Racing Victoria.

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