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A controversial $400 fine imposed on Cairns trainer Trevor Rowe for using a twitch on race day has been overturned by the .

The branch of the Australian Trainers Association had vowed to the fine which they said was unfair and a dangerous precedent.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said following representations from peak industry bodies, he had overturned the decision to fine Rowe for use of a twitch at Cairns on February 11.

Barnett said when properly applied nose twitches were a humane restraint to subdue a horse.

“There is no intention of QRIC stewards to alter the use of nose twitches, which in many instances are used by veterinarians and those who handle racehorses to subdue them, and any adverse ruling in this case may have conveyed the wrong message,” he said.

“If a decision about the application of the twitch was being considered, the commission would consult with industry and educate participants on any change.”

“While all cases of suspected animal cruelty are of the utmost importance, in this case the charge was deemed to be inappropriate and it has been overturned.”

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