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A procedural deficiency will not affect previous convictions under a racing rule central to an appeal by trainer Carl Poidevin, Racing NSW chief executive Peter V’landys says.

Under AR175, the Racing NSW board gave the power to penalise to V’landys who in turn delegated that power to the chairman of stewards.

In a judgment on Friday in a response to the appeal by Poidevin, David Armati of the NSW Racing Appeals Tribunal said the power to penalise licensees should have been delegated to a committee not an individual.

V’landys said it was a matter of semantics and had already been rectified.

“I have the power to delegate and I delegated to the chairman of stewards who then forms a committee to hear cases,” V’Landys said.

“It is a matter of semantics – a procedural deficiency which has already been rectified.

“I’ve still got the power to confirm all convictions.”

Poidevin was disqualified on two charges relating to race day treatment and one, under AR175, of giving false or misleading evidence to stewards.

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